Welcome to my online writing home.

On this site you will also find links to the various projects I am involved in, such as living resilience project and  Diss Hypnotherapy and Coaching.

 I also have a good old rant from time to time…


richingateA main theme in my writing is waking up from our stories to ‘reality’ and how models such as the 3 principles can be usefully integrated with more technical approaches.

I coach professionally online and face to face. I am particularly interested in helping people navigate transitions in their lives, for example from work to… what? That is quite a question!

I also work locally with cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy and particularly helping people with stress and anxiety.

I have little sympathy with those who think their modality, their approach to psychological well being, is a one stop shop; but in the end we are making everything up, so perhaps they are right… 


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