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You want coaching so that your life will change for the better.

How coaching can help you

"Watch the video, it tells you

how I can help you with

coaching and if coaching

is for you."



Hello! I am Richard Ingate and I am a Coach!

I am a professional Life Coach and  I help people wake up to more meaningful ways of living and working.

Coaching with me is about solving the problem that brought you to coaching in the first place and using that as a context for going deeper  - so that you can create something new and alive into the world that brings joy, thriving and value.

Happy Hiking

My trust, my faith is that you have a ground of wellbeing, creativity and wisdom that runs deeper than the conditioned mind. Coaching challenges you to find that wellspring and create a new life from that source.  

There is a Chinese expression that applies to coaching, it is, "开门见山 or 'Kaimen jian shan' which translates as, 'Open the door and see the mountain'. The coach helps you to open the door and then you journey on up the mountain. Who knows what wonders you might see!

Bridge Over River
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