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Hello! I am Richard Ingate. I am a Professional Coach!

I am a qualified Lifecoach and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist. I combine and adapt my skills to help people wake up to their own truth from within the trance/dream of social compliance that has produced such a toxic society.

You are either living by default and at the whim of society, employer, fate, or you are waking up and shaking off the conditioning that binds us all to a greater or lesser extent. Anyone, in any situation, can begin to wake up.

I help people stand in their own truth and create new contexts and ways of life.

That may be by transitioning from employed work prisons to meaningful self employed Work that is a contribution to their (global) communities. It may also be working with people trying to work within institutions who are trying to create a culture change from toxic to empowering, and where purpose serves all concerned rather than making a profit only for the few.

My coaching can be quite direct and in challenging your limitations there may be a certain amount of discomfort. But you will grow through that and start to become the person you could not become if you had kept that outdated conditioning.

My background is in Education and I have taught both in the UK and in Malaysia.

I am an enthusiastic practitioner of Tai Chi and various forms of body work and meditation.

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