Be the Change!

This is a 3 month programme for those who want to stay within a corporate role and thrive!

You are: 

  • tired of mindless corporate culture  management level up to and including C-suite  damaged by mindless corporate culture

  • have seen your humanity stripped away in a toxic corporate space  seen logic and intelligence drained, demeaned and disregarded by tick list performance 'evaluations'  are starving and thirsty for creativity that is valued beyond a tick box compliance


You want:

  • to come back to life at work  claim back your power from compliance to creativity

  • lead in a way that creates GENUINE loyalty,enthusiasm (do you remember enthusiasm?) intelligent engagement, all of which shows up in daily, real time rather than a (skewed) annual staff satisfaction survey  go from being an unconscious cog in the machine to waking up and making an impact in the world  be part of the change that guides a company, your company, back from the toxic corporate wasteland an into being functional and a benefit to the world

  • you are CRAVING to create, manage and lead meaningfully, with heart and balls.

  • you are a happy puppet

  • you think it's ok to pull other people's strings

  • you do not have the energy or grit to be the change  the status quo works just fine for you


This programme is for you if:

  • you have the spirit to move against the flow and do something everyone else is too scared to do

  • you are a manager/leader who WILL stand on their own two feet and challenge the bullshit — seeking functional solutions, systems, values that bring humanity and intelligence back as well as making business thrive

  • you believe business should be a blessing not a parasite



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The fee for this programme is £780. (Monthly payment options are available. £270 deposit and two monthly payments of £270)

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