• Richard Ingate

3 tips to help you survive working from home

Oh dear!

When you commute to work everyday and have to pay for parking, and commute home every evening it might seem idyllic to work at/from home.

Many are just beginning to find out that it is not all wonderful!

Why the hell not?

For me the main issue was one of intrusiveness. I was very good at having a separation between work and home. I had a commute and I did not check any work email or have any notifications when not physically in the workplace. The 'always connected' world of Microsoft Teams and work email at home quickly changed that, and the feeling was that I was spending even more time thinking about a job!

3 Tips to help you survive

1. Decide your working hours

Negotiate and clarify when you are working and make sure you turn off all connection with work outside of those hours. Make sure that when you are working you have an environment that gives you that clear change of context. This can be as simple as a closed door or a ‘the doctor is in’ message on a whiteboard.

2. Plan the day at the start of the day

If possible the day before so you know what you are going to do and can move through your schedule as efficiently and enjoyably as possible. Structure the work and non work day to suit your way of best doing things. This could be plenty of breaks, moving about and cups of tea or more intensely focused bursts. Find out what works for you given what you need to do to work efficiently from home.

3. Bookend the day.

Have a routine that replaces the commute and psychologically separates work from home life. Once you engage that routine you are done for the day so disconnect from any work related emails, notifications etc.

End thoughts

Recently there has been much discussion of wellbeing at work. These uncertain times and necessary changes in work practices make these discussions even more important. We have a rare chance to change what normal is for the better. Please add to the comments how you are moving towards this positive potential.


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