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New Year, New You? Hmm...

2020 has just begun and I am already taking the p’s.

Nothing new perhaps.

Although it is fashionable to mock the ‘new year, new me’ gushings that crash and burn with great and predictable gusto at this time of year, I think there is something valuable to the process of taking deliberate time, reflecting on life and setting some intentions and directions.

Of course this can be done anytime but there is a symbolic elegance to doing a little of this now

In general, and not stonkingly surprisingly, it is probably better to move away from what you do not like and towards what you do like - even though living by these preferences alone is not the deepest approach to life.

Perhaps more meaningful to move away from what you do not value (for example having your days wasted in a job) and towards what you do value (for example a life/work style that benefits the world and your bank account).

In the spirit of helping us all along the way, I am going to offer a series of filters for reflection. For no other reason than the idea appealed to me and looked useful, they all start with, ‘P’ - hence we will be taking the “p’s”

Before I give you the list, here is the basic principle. We live out much of our lives by default. We see the same things in the same way. Having a 9-5 job, for example may just be the way it is for you, and earning a good income in any other manner, a nice idea but for someone else. We may even have been there and failed to do that.

We live within conditioned/learned frames, reality tunnels/webs, mindsets, that encourage conformity to what is already believed. But, we have the ability to try on different frames, to imagine different filters and thus to see matters differently.

You may see new possibilities that suggest action. I don’t think the world changes if we look differently but you may well notice something that you had not done before.

That gives you choices you may not have had before. You may even want a coach to work with you at that point. If that becomes the case for you, I am a professional coach and I will offer you an initial free conversation to see what might take flight.

Here is the list of filters:








I will be writing about each one over the first couple of months. I offer them as filters to try on. For instance, what would your relationships look like through the eyes of peace? Would you speak to yourself and others in the same way if you held a peaceful heart? Where could you have moments of peace in your day?

There is nothing that anyone has to do, nothing that’s a burden - just a thought experiment that you might find the time to do and which I hope will be of value. The first in the series will come out in the next couple of weeks. Please do comment and share if you know anyone who might benefit.

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