• Richard Ingate

Why would any one pay for coaching?

After all, it's just a chat, right? I have friends who can do that for free...

How is coaching valuable to you?

Let’s look at why someone might consider being coached.

  • Life changes

People cross thresholds. Maybe it's a burnout and you just can't do what you were doing in a competitive industry. Perhaps you look in the mirror one day and know you have had enough.

But what then? Knowing what you don't want to do is only part of the picture. We all still have bills to pay! What is next and how do you decide? Of course,talking with your friends may give some ideas but a lifecoach is a professional manager of personal change. Think about who you trust to fix your car, or who you would trust to operate on your loved ones - being a professional makes a difference.

  • Business is not as normal

At the time of writing we are seeing this happen globally through the effects of the corona virus. Markets can change at any time. Industries are not forever and nor are careers. Uncertain times can usefully lead to re-evaluation and realisation that we don’t want to go back to normal.

So it's the chance to begin something new,something fresh, something that makes your spirit sing,or at least hum a bit.

How to start? What to do? What if it doesn't work? What if I just want to sit and watch Netflix? Our minds can be echo chambers at times and we only hear our own overwhelm. A coach cuts through the noise and helps you locate the signal.

  • Enough with the straitjacket

Sadly all too common,especially amongst high achievers. You have climbed the ladder really well but the view is not what you want. You want to be creative, you want to break free but after so much investment in one pathhow do you choose and make another path really work for you?

  • ‘Lifting the fog’

Perhaps you are noticing more stress, more depressed moods and it's increasingly difficult to face the day to day grind. If it really is depression then you need a medical professional not a coach.

However, these could also be signals that you are not following your 'purpose' , which is a grand way of saying you are not doing what really brings the best of you alive and engaged with the world.

You know you want more from life. You know you could be doing so much more,giving and receiving so much more (in a world that needs us to find our gifts) and you cannot bear to be just another cog in Cogspace Industries.

A coach can work with you to find your path. 'Path' also sounds grand, it means what will bring you fully back to life and running on all cylinders - at least for now,paths can change directions just like you can.

How does the coach help you?

  • Not your normal conversation

A coaching conversation is not a chat between friends. It is completely focused on you. A coach will listen for how you are experiencing the world, what your values are and how you are bumping up against your life at the moment.

A coach will help you uncover what the big picture is for you, draw out your clarity and purpose and then translate those into actions - the small steps, the accountable steps that build something new and something unique to you.

  • Listen to learn how you are creating your experience of the world, what your values are, where they might be holding you back

  • Helping you see the big picture - clarity and purpose

  • Helping you choose the small steps and being accountable

  • Self efficacy

Coaching is not therapy and coaching programmes tend to be shorter term and more results focused. The aim of a coach is to have you standing on your own two feet and grounded in your own power and vitality.

  • It's about you

You are the syllabus and curriculum for your coaching. It's bespoke, it's a journey that will change your life, not only the few months you work with a coach.

So you need to consider how much that is worth to you,how much is it worth to transform your life and the results you are getting in your world?

What to do next

If that strikes a chord with you,if only as something it might be worth exploring and finding more about - make contact.

Contact me through my website (richardingate.com), through email (richardingate@outlook.com or LinkedIn.

Give me some idea of when you are available for a Zoom/Skype video call and I’ll suggest a couple of possible dates and times that might fit for us both.

We’ll have a conversation - I will coach you around whatever is on your mind. It’s much more efficient to ‘show rather than tell’ and give the experience of being coached rather than try to explain about coaching.

Then you can decide if you want to continue. If you do, let me know and we’ll pencil in our first session and explain how we proceed.

It's your life, choose wisely!


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