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It’s a good question.

And if you don’t know, who does - after all you are the expert on your business, your unique circumstances. However, your unique circumstances have collided with the current conditions and no one seems to know what to do within the current, and very changeable constraints.

Here is what I think and, in fact,what I am doing. It might make sense to you, or it might not, the world will not end either way. I am basing the following on my experience. This is what is true for me. I offer it in the hope it will help you along your way.

1. We tend to resonate in harmony with the strongest frequency around us.

It’s a trite example of two pianos whose strings begin to resonate together even though they are physically separated. It’s also common experience that there are people who you dread seeing because they are constantly complaining and bring you down.

I hope the opposite is true too.

Somehow when we are with someone who has greater clarity in the moment than us, it can lift us too, so we can see more clearly. So be discriminating about who you spend your attention with. I posted earlier about a short video course I was taking with Dr Aaron Turner. That works in the same way for me.

2. The mind is active, not passive

Our minds go out to receive the world. We are not passive recipients of whatever global calamity, virus, disaster has arisen. The state(s) of mind with which we ‘meet’ such events will make a huge difference about how resourcefully we navigate through unknown territory.

So, begin to separate out how you are thinking and feeling from what is going on. Even in extreme situations such as the Twin Towers attack, there was a variety of responses to those events. There was not, and there is not a single direct cause effect relationship. 

Begin to notice how your state of mind (thoughts and feelings) change, sometimes catastrophic, sometimes neutral, sometimes more hopeful.


Notice that doing this is contrary to the common sense notion that the external events, the current crisis is making me feel ………….. (whatever fits for you). This might be a tough one for you because it is contrary to common sense, but then common sense changes from time to time (earth round the sun/sun round the earth - for example). 

Perhaps more usefully for you right here and now, what if you just assumed access to clarity and better decision making is available when the ‘noisy’ mind quietens down for a moment?

This is why people go for walks, get their best ideas in the shower, do Tai Chi or meditate. These all give the mind contexts where it can shut the f… up, and THAT allows possibility, creativity, insight and intuition to be heard more readily.


Do you think that might be useful to you and your business in the current circumstances? Leave me a comment and let me know what “landed” for you (as the current coaching speak has it).

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