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Your challenges were 'sent' to test you (bullshit).

I read a post on Linkedin where a Lifecoach enthusiastically proclaimed that the challenges people currently faced were sent by the Universe to test and facilitate their development.

His evidence procedure was to announce that he knew this to be true because people were 'having the challenges they were having'. In strictly academic terms,I refer to this as bullshit.

And it's harmful bullshit.

The view that sufferings/sins/challenges are part of some cosmic plan occurs in many cultures and across time. There are more, and less sophisticated versions of it.

I have absolutely no idea whether the 'virus' is part of a Universal education system or not. I suspect,'not', but I have been wrong about many things. Perhaps more unkindly, I wonder if the nice comfortable people championing this ' for your spiritual development' view would still be doing so if they were having body parts removed without anaesthetic for the 'spare parts' market? I confess that this is cynicism rather than an especially relevant counter argument.

The real harm

In my view the real harm done by this kind of new age, coffee table book belief is that it actually distracts from a far more valuable way of engaging with challenges.

The real solution

Rather than looking at circumstances and trying to make ourselves feel better about them, let's look to how our experience is, just so.

100% of our experience of the world comes through our thinking and feeling. We live in a completely psychological holodeck. Whatever 'stuff' happens out there whether it's a rainbow or a pandemic only comes into our perception via our generated experience.

So what 1 ?

We seem to have a capacity to notice how our state of mind relates to our effectiveness in the world (or lack of it). In this one aspect, the ability to be self-conscious is a blessing. So rather than attributing our thoughts and feelings to a simple effect of an external cause, we can begin to notice the nature of the changing mind.

We can begin to notice how the same pandemic may appear as completely overwhelming at one moment and an opportunity for creating a new area of business the next moment. It is the mind that changes, not the pandemic in this case.

So what 2 ?

Noticing that the mind changes from moment to moment, we can relax. If we are in an uncomfortable state of mind, it's just an uncomfortable part of the ride and the discomfort is part of the experiencing itself - not caused by an outside event and somehow objectively so.

So what 3 ?

It seems to be the case that the more comfortable we become with our ongoing experience as it unfolds, the more potential bandwidth becomes available. The greater bandwidth allows for more potential to access qualities/capacities such as creativity, intuition, compassion, and joy.

If you are running a business, do you think that having increased access to those states of mind might be to your advantage when dealing with the current circumstances?

Let me know if you do, perhaps I can help you see this for yourself.

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