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| coach you to wake up to new, more meaningful ways of living and working as part of an overall life style.

That may mean working on a specific project you have in mind for an area in your life, it may mean being able to leave toxic workplaces, or staying and being the change you want to see.

You will uncover creative ideas for work you would love to do, and a life you would love to live. I support you whilst you make that journey.

Programmes and services

My special interest is working with people who are already beginning to wake up to the dysfunctional conditioning (especially around the world of work)

Generally this means one of three things.

Track 1: You have an area of project in mind where you are stuck, not making any, or enough, progress. It is something that would mean a lot to you to succeed in and it is that value that brings you to coaching.

Bespoke Transformational Coaching - 3 months coaching

Track 2: I help people (you?) to create and transition into a purposeful life of Self employment that enriches each client I work with and the community they engage with so that the effect ripples out.

Vote With Your Feet  - 3 month programme to help to leave employed and start in self employment

Track 3: I coach you to be the change you are seeking within your workplace. This programme is only open to managers and C Suite leaders who have the potential to be the miracle and influence stakeholders in an organisation. We will explore how you can become an expression of your deeper values and ‘be the change’ within your existing corporate context.

Be the Change  - For those who want to stay in their corporate environment and work to change the culture.

In all cases, helping to create a global society worth being part of. This is something the world desperately needs at this time!

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