If you are stuck, at an impasse and just not sure where you are going in your life:


I coach you to wake up to new, more meaningful ways of living and working as part of an overall life style.

That may mean working on a specific project you have in mind for an area in your life, it may mean being able to leave toxic workplaces, or staying and being the change you want to see.


It may mean taking the space to find out exactly what it is you want to do.

During coaching we will create and hold a space where you will uncover creative ideas for work you would love to do, and a life you would love to live.


I support you whilst you make that journey.

I generally work with people for a minimum of three months on a weekly basis or six months on a fortnightly basis.

You can find more information about this programme below:

Individual Coaching Programme

Read and answer these questions for yourself before you book an initial session! The first session sets the scene for coaching BY coaching.


Reflect on these questions prior to our initial free session.

Some questions to ponder...

Who are you?

Who are you deeper than your job, your roles in family and work and other contexts of life?

What would you look like free from other people's expectations and your own conditioning?

Who are you if you put 'should' down?

How much lighter do you feel if you are free from all those ties? If only for a moment, in your imagination?

What might begin to take form if you were now free to craft your life anew?


Even just as a thought experiment.

Who might you become?

What if you were not a finished identity?

What if you were a work in progress?

What if you really could change those things that feel so real that keep you trapped in place?

What if YOU are Life unfolding?

What do you want coaching on that would make it worth the investment of time and money?

What may you have to let go of in order to achieve what you want for your life?

How do your goals (if you have them) fit within an overall lifestyle?

Some of these questions will make more sense than others. I am not after book length answers. What comes to mind when you give yourself the space to quietly consider?

Transformational life coaching is designed for you - you are the syllabus...

If you are DONE with life feeling stuck, if you have had enough of whatever the bullshit is in your environment and when you are ready to make your life more than your limitations and more than the limitations of those around you.

Our work together will be about unfolding the stories you are not even conscious of and that create your current operating system.


Going deeper we will reveal what is holding you back and re decide, re imagine and re engineer your life.

We will dig down to where your spirit 'informs' your mind and heart and build from there. It is not a journey for the faint hearted and you will meet and overcome challenges on the way.

From that place, everything becomes possible.

What you get on the 3 month programme

  • Weekly 1 hour video coaching calls

  • Weekly self-coaching report

  • Weekly coaching by email or messenger as needed

  • Personalised goals for coaching including:

* Discovering and aligning with your life purpose

* Optimised health

* Greater wealth

* Deeper work satisfaction

* Robust happiness

* Closer relationships with family and friends

* An uncluttered and nurturing home environment

* More creativity and joyful abandon

* Profound inner peace

* Confidence, presence, impact

* Abundant energy

* Play and adventure

* Spare time (do you remember having that?)

* Courage

Your investment

From February 1st 2020 fees will be:

3 months Transformational Coaching: £999 (£300 deposit and balance before the first session) or £350 deposit and two further monthly payments of £350.

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